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Do you believe God’s promises? Mary believed.

She was pregnant. And she believed it. She couldn’t feel the baby move yet. She didn’t have a baby bump either. She hadn’t even been with a man yet. But God told her that she would be with child, and she believed it. She humbly told the angel, “May it be to me as you...

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Holiday Roundup

Did you have a good Thanksgiving break? I loved the time with our sons who met us at Grandpa’s house. We feasted on tasty turkey and dressing—why don’t we eat dressing the rest of the year?! And Gary even made his first ever pie—Derby pecan pie--inspired by a recent...

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Adoption awareness – the whole story

It’s November! That means Thanksgiving is around the corner, the air is finally a bit cooler and the holidays are on their way. It also means that it’s Adoption Awareness month. I know this one isn’t on everyone’s radar. But most likely adoption touches you in some...

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How to be ungrateful – receiving gifts from the Father

Do you have a gift certificate you’ve never redeemed? It’s estimated that in 2013, $1 billion worth of gift cards were never cashed in. I’ll confess that I’ve contributed to that stat. My husband gave me a Valentines gift certificate in February. But I didn’t redeem...

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Happy are those who mourn. Really?

“Happy are those who mourn.” That sentence doesn’t make sense, does it? How can you be happy if you are grieving? How do you find joy when you’re suffering from loss? Happiness and grief-they don’t usually go together. But Jesus put them together when he described his...

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How to live like a saint, because you are one

Do you consider yourself a saint? Last week the Catholic Church determined that Mother Teresa was worthy of the title. The world celebrated her life as the Pope ordained her as a Saint, nineteen years after her death. What about you? Are you worthy of the title? To be...

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When Jesus says, “Go home to your family.”

“Go into all the world.” Most of us are familiar with those parting words of Jesus. But what if the “world” Jesus wants you to go to is your family at home? This week I read a story in Mark about a man who was eager to travel to new lands with Jesus, but Jesus stopped...

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