Frances Green - The GreenHouseWelcome to the GREENhouse!

Whatever season it is, it seems like there is always something growing around here. Usually the growth is happening on the inside, most likely it goes unnoticed by those passing by. I love to write about what’s growing beneath the surface–usually in the areas of parenting, spiritual formation and cross-cultural mission experiences.

Our family lived in Venezuela as missionaries after my husband, Gary, and I decided to make a career shift–he hung up the stethoscope as a veterinarian and I left the financial planning business. We loved Venezuela–the people, culture and working in ministry.

We returned to the states for family needs and continued to serve in ministry and missions. I served as a campus minister for nearly 10 years mentoring and training future kingdom leaders. Now I partner with Gary to train mission teams and serve them as they navigate new cultures and challenges in other countries. One of my favorite things to do is walk with others on their spiritual journeys in mentoring or spiritual direction relationships. Gary and Frances Green

We moved to Venezuela in the 90’s with a two-year-old son, and eventually returned to the States with four kids (three boys, one girl –the two in the middle are Venezuelan adopted twins). Now our family is in the launching season—with four kids launching towards their independence with occasional stints at home between transitions.

Although we live in West Texas, I still can’t say that I’m a Texan (but I love my Texan friends!). I grew up in Louisiana cheering on the LSU Tigers and N.O. Saints while feasting on tasty gumbo, crawfish boils and fresh strawberries purchased on the side of the road. Now I’m a Louisiana girl living in West Texas with part of my heart left in Venezuela. You may think I have some identity issues–which is likely true, but truth is, I’m thankful for each of the unique experiences that have contributed to who I am.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the GREENhouse. Browse around and see what’s growing and join in the conversations. I’d love to hear what’s growing in your house too.

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