Have a hard time sleeping? Read here about the extra companion who kept me awake at night.Hey, friends!

Today I’m writing for Velvet Ashes—a great website that builds community among cross cultural workers around the world.

This week their theme is “sleep”, so I’ve shared a little about an unwanted sleeping companion who joined me while we lived in Venezuela–and didn’t want to leave when we returned to the states. I’ll get you started here on the post, then you can finish it up at Velvet Ashes


The morning sun peaked through the cracks of our bedroom curtains.

“Morning already?”

The last thing I remember was rolling onto my side for sleep at the end of a long day.

My days were long because I homeschooled four kids as we adjusted to life back in the USA. Our family still grieved the farewells to Venezuela. It was difficult to let go of so many dear friends.

Although we let go of a life we loved, we held onto a few companions for our next adventure. We returned with our companion of conviction to live with a mission. And we kept our new vision to see things differently. Perseverance and courage also travelled back to strengthen us for the new season.

There was another companion, though, who became part of our Venezuela life who I thought we left behind. His name was Hyper-vigilance.

Crime was high for everyone in Venezuela. So he was always there, keeping me watchful for anything suspicious. At first I resisted his help. I was slow to welcome him into our new Venezuelan lifestyle, but quickly I realized his value.

…read the rest of the post here at Velvet Ashes.




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