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The Greenhouse has a new look!Take a look at the top 10 posts from the Greenhouse! 3 year blogiversary

This summer is my 3 year anniversary for blogging at the Greenhouse, so it was time for some rearranging. I needed to update some structural details (this techy stuff is not my strength!), and I did some organizing and designing while I was at it. Hopefully it’s easier to navigate and you’ll be able to find posts on topics you’re looking for.

When I began blogging three years ago, I wondered if I’d still be writing after just three weeks. But here I am, three years later, and still writing.

And you’re still reading, my friend, for which I’m very grateful. I don’t say it enough, but thanks for sharing this growth journey with me. I love hearing from you in response to posts. It encourages me to know we’re all growing together. And it encourages me to keep writing.

Since you’ve all found the blog at different times over the last three years, I decided to list a roundup of popular posts from each category.

Pick a post from the past and enjoy! And take a look around the Greenhouse.


Do you have the heart of a pilgrim? 6 Questions to help you know.

How to pray when you feel worried.


Are you raising “safe” Christians?

“Let’s Play!” 4 Reasons your family needs to play together.


“I can’t.”- 3 lessons learned about those words from the other side of adoption.

3 Surprises about the pain of love in our adoption story


Why missionaries are childish and ask for so much.

When your kids take Christianity too seriously – 5 Tips for parents with kids on a mission.


Confessions of a “Cropper” – how we show the best without the mess.

My Mom’s last words and why she didn’t have to say them.

I look forward to growing together in the future!

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