Since Father’s Day is this Sunday, I thought I’d share some frequent phrases that our Dad has said through the years. They aren’t all profound, but they have all been frequent. And they aren’t empty words either–he lives them.

Father's DaySo in case Dad wonders if I was ever listening–or watching, I’ll list the top 10 things that I’ve heard him say multiple times through the years…

1. “Be a missionary and invite someone to summer camp.” Father's DayOr invite them to church, to a Bible study or whatever it takes to invite them to know Jesus. Dad loves to share Jesus with others and invite them into the church family life.

2. “Have fun.” Dad’s a hard worker, but fun is important too. These days it’s fun on the golf course or eating dinner out with friends. In the old days it was fun at church camp, a ball game, or passing the rolls at the dinner table. He and mom liked to add the fun factor to whatever we were doing.

3. “If you eat the goose, it can’t lay any eggs.” That’s the financial planner using analogies from his farm days. I first heard him say it about 20 years ago, and he said it to me again last month when we were talking about our retirement. I’m just hoping our goose doesn’t get sick.

4. “Don’t increase your standard of living when your income increases.” It’s his advise for saving more and being able to give more.

Father's Day5. “Go to bed.”  He’s a firm believer in getting a good night’s sleep. He always said it was more important to get another hour of sleep than to stay up late studying another chapter, watching another show, or playing another game.

6. “Rise and Shine.” Early to bed, early to rise. Maybe it’s a hangover from his dairy farm days, but while our friends slept half the day away, we were up looking for some cows to milk.

7. “Love, love, love your neighbor.” He often speaks in triplets if something is important. And loving our neighbor has always been important–beginning with the kids in our neighborhood, to families across town and people around the world. He doesn’t just talk about it, he does it.

8. “Siooooooux Pigs!”  Father's DayWe hear that every year when the Arkansas Razorbacks play the LSU Tigers. I’m not sure if he says it to annoy us or to remind us where his roots are, probably a little of both. The rest of the year Dad says, “Geaux Tigers” with everyone else in Baton Rouge.

9. “I’m too young to drink coffee.” He’s almost 80 and still says it, so maybe it has less to do with age and more to do with the taste of coffee.

10. “That’s what Christians do.” Whatever he thinks is the Christian response in a situation, that’s what he’s going to do. It doesn’t matter if he feels like doing it, if he’s tired or if it’s something he likes to do. If it’s what a Christian should do, then he’ll do it. (And he’ll do his best to get you to do it with him.)

Father's DayIt’s been great, great great to share a bit of my Dad with you. I can’t say how thankful I am that he’s still around to call the Razorbacks–even if it is a little annoying, go to bed early and rise and shine so he can love, love, love his neighbor.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

And may you all enjoy celebrating your Dads this week or other men who have been influential in your lives.

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