Twenty-eight years ago today Gary and I said “I do” to love and life together. Since that day we’ve added four kids, and a few dogs, birds, turtles and gerbils–that’s what I get for marrying a veterinarian.Wedding day

This fall, though, we’ll be back to just the two of us sitting at the dinner table, the way we began 28 years ago. I know some people get to this stage and realize they don’t have much in common with the person they married so long ago. The one thing they have in common–their kids–isn’t sitting at the table with them anymore.

Happy AnniversaryBut today, as we celebrate 28 years together, I have plenty of reasons to look forward to the “empty nest”. Mostly because my nest won’t be empty. I’ll be sharing it with the man I said, “I do,” to nearly thirty years ago.

Since our “together” began 28 years ago, I’ll share a list of 28 things I love about Gary. It’ll give you a glimpse of why I’m ready for the empty nest.

You can skip reading the list if you want, but don’t skip the meaning of the list. This list means that while we’ve been taking care of our kids, we’ve also been taking care of our marriage (because our kids aren’t the only ones in this nest). So if you skip my list–maybe you’d rather go make your own, just be sure you don’t skip out on your marriage. Take care of your nest.  It doesn’t have to feel empty once the kids are gone.

Things I love about Gary–

  1. He says “I’m sorry.”
  2. He can fix a leaking faucet (and a lot of other things).
  3. He keeps the car in shape for a road trip.Happy Anniversary
  4. He seeks God.
  5. He’ll dig a deep hole when I want to plant another rose bush.
  6. He eats lunch with me every Thursday (he even goes to girly places).
  7. He remembers which movies I’ve watched and if I liked it (it’s handy since I can’t seem to remember it myself).
  8. He keeps our passports (and all other documents) up to date so we can travel the world. (who thought I’d be seeing the world with my country boyfriend from podunk Louisiana?!)
  9. He loves others.
  10. He says no to other things so he can say yes to me and the family.
  11. He works hard.
  12. He plays hard.
  13. He keeps his word, even when it hurts.
  14. He takes care of himself so he’ll be around for our 50th anniversary (and maybe we’ll still enjoy a walk on the trail).  Happy Anniversary
  15. He compliments me–whether it’s a good meal, a nice dress or a job well done.
  16. He’s a romantic.
  17. He cries.
  18. He always wants to play with the kids (even when the kids aren’t kids anymore).
  19. He prays.
  20. He gives me a kiss when he leaves for work and when he returns in the evening.
  21. He makes the coffee in the morning.
  22. He gets things done.
  23. He’s not the same man he was 28 years ago because he lets God mold him.
  24. He’s a gifted teacher.Happy Anniversary
  25. He likes to hike a trail as much as I do.
  26. He’s a good boat driver–the source of many years of family fun (he didn’t even know how to swim when we got married!).
  27. He takes parenting seriously.
  28. He still loves me.

Goodness, it was easy to make this list. It makes me look forward to a list to 50 one day.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Happy “nesting” to you!

(Linking up with Grace and Truth.)

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