Here's a poem for moms who feel like they can't accomplish anything.

I looked back in my journals and found an entry from about 20 years ago. At that time we had four kids under the age of six while we lived in Venezuela. I was barely surviving one day at a time. Since Mother’s Day is approaching, I thought I’d share the entry (a little revised) with other moms who know the feeling…

“What More Could a Mom Ask?”

Another day gone

And not a single thing done.

The clothes are piled high,

The “to-do” list is long.


I didn’t make it to the store

Or call my sister today.

They were too fussy for church,

I didn’t read that chapter anyway.


I meant to check on a neighbor,

I forgot to check the mail.

Did I send a check for that bill?

Sounds like one of the kids just fell.


Another day gone,

Not a single thing done.

I could barely even manage

The chores of a Mom.


I served three meals,

And helped one with his math.

I changed dirty diapers,

I took the other to swim class.


I nursed the youngest,

I cuddled one after a fall.

I watched the others show off.

Then we all threw the ball.


We played chase in the back.

We played kickball in the front.

The neighbors joined the game,

Till their moms called them home.


Why am I so tired?

I didn’t get a single thing done.

The “to-do” list awaits,

All I did was be a mom.


I’ll try again tomorrow

To accomplish just one task.

But if love is all I get to do,

What more could a mom ask?


Happy Mother’s Day (a few days early)!

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