With the approaching Easter weekend, I’ve been reading about the cross and resurrection from a collection of authors in the book, “Bread and Wine”. I thought I’d share this meaningful quote with you by Evelyn Underhill.Wisteria

“To look at the Crucifix and then to look at our own hearts; to test by the cross the quality of our love-if we do that honestly and unflinchingly we don’t need any other self-examination. The lash, the crown of thorns, the mockery, the stripping, the nails- life has equivalents of all these for us and God asks a love for himself and his children which can accept and survive all that in the particular way in which it is offered to us. It is no use to talk in a large vague way about the love of God; here is its point of insertion in the world.”

May we look at our own hearts this weekend as we look at the cross and celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

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