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Top 10 posts from the Greenhouse – 3 year blogiversary

Hey friends! The Greenhouse has a new look! This summer is my 3 year anniversary for blogging at the Greenhouse, so it was time for some rearranging. I needed to update some structural details (this techy stuff is not my strength!), and I did some organizing and...

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A Prayer for Troubled Times

What do you pray lately in these times of trouble–bombs, gunshots, riots and terror? If the news leaves you speechless, try looking to the Psalms. You’ll find the ancient prayers of God’s people can be a helpful guide to your prayers today. Oppression and...

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When you want to parent differently than your own parents

25 years ago, Gary held our first newborn, Travis. He swaddled him in the baby soft blanket, tenderly kissed him on the forehead, and whispered, “I love you,” as he laid him down in the cradle to sleep. That may not seem like anything extraordinary for a father to do...

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10 Habits for a healthy marriage

I cut into a perfectly grilled steak at the moment the waitress tucked the pad in her pocket and paused at our table. She overheard that it was our anniversary. I was hoping she paused to offer a free dessert for our special occasion. Instead, she paused to receive...

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How to finish the day with a prayerful review

At the end of the day, you can usually find me sitting at the kitchen table eating supper with Gary, my husband. While we eat, we tell each other about the day. Sometimes there’s not much to tell. Other times, supper is over but the conversation isn’t. So we walk the...

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How to start the day with prayerful expectation

How would you like to begin each morning with a heart of expectation for the Lord? We all know what it’s like to expect something—a visit from family, an important phone call, a delivered package or, even better, a delivered newborn. These expectations change the way...

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