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The Missionary Life and Frequent Farewells

My sister’s last call from the airport has become an annual tradition. It marks the end of summer for me as much as back to school sales and football season. Tanya calls to tell me goodbye before her family travels for 36 hours to settle back into their way of life in...

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10 Lessons Learned from Motherhood

Here comes Mother’s Day! So lately I’ve been thinking on Mom stuff. Motherhood is such a journey. There are books galore about what to expect before you become a mom, and how to do it once you are a mom. They tell you how big he is at week 12—about the size of a plum,...

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Is you Christianity practical or extravagant?

It was a special night. The first Easter was just a few days away, although they had no idea. Close friends gathered to celebrate the resurrection—Lazarus’ resurrection. There was fabulous food. Lots of laughter. Their laughter was fueled with gratitude. Everyone at...

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