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An invitation to pilgrimage

Hey friends! We just returned from quite a journey in Peru—which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while. We spent time in a small town, Curahuasi--one of those “in the middle of nowhere” destinations (there’s a medical clinic there that serves the people who live...

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Recovery for the soul after life’s marathons – 3 tips

Have you ever run a marathon? The closest I’ll get to a long distance race is cheering for others as they cross the finish line. Except for in life. Life has its way of setting our course on a marathon whether we want to run it or not. We may not actually run—thank...

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Walking Dad Home

“Go walk your Dad home, Frances!” Holly hollered from the back of the locker room as I slipped out the door. I told them I wouldn’t be back for a while because I was returning to Baton Rouge to be with my Dad. We just found out he has MDS, so we only have a short time...

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Leaning in closely to hear God’s love whispers

I’m trying to pay better attention to God in the ordinary. I want to notice his spontaneous nudges in my heart to extend his compassion to others. When he whispers his love for the people around me, I want to be quick to listen. I’ll confess, though. I just missed one...

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The #1 Habit for Parents – it kept our family together

“It’s the most important habit our family did together.” That’s what I said last week to a mom in the midst of raising teenagers. Our kids are out of the house now. But I remember those hectic days of scrambling around the schedules of four teenagers. Life was hectic....

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The Missionary Life and Frequent Farewells

My sister’s last call from the airport has become an annual tradition. It marks the end of summer for me as much as back to school sales and football season. Tanya calls to tell me goodbye before her family travels for 36 hours to settle back into their way of life in...

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