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Is you Christianity practical or extravagant?

It was a special night. The first Easter was just a few days away, although they had no idea. Close friends gathered to celebrate the resurrection—Lazarus’ resurrection. There was fabulous food. Lots of laughter. Their laughter was fueled with gratitude. Everyone at...

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When Hyper-Vigilance isn’t ready to let go

Hey, friends! Today I’m writing for Velvet Ashes—a great website that builds community among cross cultural workers around the world. This week their theme is “sleep”, so I’ve shared a little about an unwanted sleeping companion who joined me while we lived in...

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MLK Day and suppertime talks about race

It’s Martin Luther King Day! Our family drove a U-Haul into Abilene, Texas around Martin Luther King Day 16 years ago after living nearly 10 years in Latin America. I’m sure I didn’t even know about the holiday because I was focused on moving boxes, naked windows and...

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10 Reasons to read the Bible

At this time of the year I like to make goals for what’s ahead. And one of my goals always includes Bible reading. The ways I read God’s word vary—sometimes I read it in big chunks, other times in small bites. But I try to consistently read. Consistent doesn’t mean I...

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4 Tips to Begin the New Year with soulful reflection

Today it’s quiet for the first time after a week of holiday family fun. Three out of four of the kids came home for some Greenhouse Christmas traditions. But all good things--feasting, playing games, taking walks and feasting some more—come to an end. Our daughter...

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Do you believe God’s promises? Mary believed.

She was pregnant. And she believed it. She couldn’t feel the baby move yet. She didn’t have a baby bump either. She hadn’t even been with a man yet. But God told her that she would be with child, and she believed it. She humbly told the angel, “May it be to me as you...

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